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This form must be completed and returned with your application in order for it to be considered complete. 

Please remember to complete this form before Spring Break or during Spring Break.

United Way of Walla Walla requires students earning their Junior Medal/Varsity Letter in Community Service to be in good standing with the school they attend.  Students receiving their letters must meet the same academic requirements and eligibility guidelines as other Varsity Letter recipients as they are set forth by their school.

United Way of Walla Walla County requires that Junior Medal/Varsity Letter in Community Service recipients maintain at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA).

The academic eligibility check must be completed by an appropriate staff member.  In most schools this may be the athletic secretary.  If you are unclear on whom this person is, please ask in the main office. 

Remember:  Do not wait until the last minute to get this form signed.  This may take a few days to process.  We will not be able to process ANY application without a signed eligibility form. If you neglected to get this form signed and fear your application will not be accepted, please call us at 509.529.1183. We cannot accept a transcript in lieu of this form.