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Dear Donors,

This year the 2015 United Way of Walla Walla County’s Allocation Committee was able to distribute $265,098.00 to 14 Partner Agencies.  The process once again relied on the talent, intelligence, and passion  of 14 dedicated volunteers and with our Executive Director’s full support. We worked hard to ensure that our donor’s generous dollars would be used for lasting and positive change in Walla Walla County.

We asked our partner agencies to offer us their short and long term plan for impacting needs of individuals and    families in our community and to supply us with the financial and program evidence  plans to meet those needs. To better appreciate how the requested funds would be used, we sent teams from our committee to meet with each agency to see how programs are implemented. Overwhelmingly well received by United Way volunteers and the agencies themselves, these visits offered us the opportunity to peek into the experience an agency client has as our donor’s dollars are deployed to creatively and professionally meet their needs.

Once our review of the paper applications, the agency financial data and our site visits were completed, we based our funding decisions on a clear cut rubric that guided our discussions, allowing us to make thoughtful    decisions about the likelihood of real impact for those in our community most in need. The result was that we granted close to full funding for a majority of the partner agencies.  We did not just spread money around; we funded highly qualified programs that we could see would lead to positive outcomes and that could do so in a  measurable way.

Together, our team devoted more than 350 hours of volunteer time to the serious task of deciding how best to spend our donor’s dollars. I know that each of the volunteers were, like me, deeply gratified by the honor of representing our donors in this endeavor and in hearing the stories of real lives changed by the dedicated and capable staff at our partner agencies. Thank you to our committee: Michael Lemm, T.J. Middlesworth for their financial review; Kevin Bayne, Karri Bruce, Barlow Corkrum, Matthew Duncan, Glenn Grunner, Nicole Gryler, Bridie Monahan-Hood,  Jennifer Peha, Christina Price- Huntington, Kevin Quinn, Ron Wade.

  We invite you, our donors, to inquire about volunteering for this committee in the future.

  Respectfully submitted,


  Jane Kaminsky
  Allocations Chair





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